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What type of trader are you?



Beginner trader

Learn the skills it takes to be profitable in the FOREX market. 

Not everyone can trade and not everyone should trade. Find out if you have what it takes to be a profitable traders. Once you learn how to stay profitable you can then think about joining our Advance competition!

You may be wondering what we are offering... It's simple sign up to start receiving educational videos and documents that will help you become a better trader. Fully grasp the terminology and strategies FOREX traders are using right now. 


advance trader

You may have already been trading for quite some time and are already profitable. If this is true, then prove it!

We're hosting a competition to see who's the most profitable FOREX trader out there! Winner wins $1,000! 

It's simple to join:

  1. Sign Up Below
  2. Receive Demo MetaTrader 4 Account
  3. Start Trading on Specific Date
  4. Stay Profitable 
  5. Most Profitable Trader Wins Cash Prize!

1st Place

Jeremy Muller

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2nd Place

Shirley Eckart

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3rd Place

Jose Price

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